Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

This policy is intended to make good all direct pecuniary loss to the employer caused by act of Fraud or Dishonesty committed by all or any of the Employees. Please note that all the employees for which Fidelity Guarantee Insurance can cover should be permanent staffs and should be a citizen of Nepal. Names of the employees should be submitted along with the proposal form.

To meet the growing needs of today's world Everest Insurance Company has been upgrading its range of products and policies.


ग्राहक शिक्षा

  • Review your insurance coverage and premium payments regularly to feel safer; before disaster/accident occurs.
  • Remember the renewal dates of your Insurance policy so that it can be renewed on time thereby maintaining the continuity of Insurance.
  • Any fraudulent information/ misrepresentation/ non-disclosure of material information of any sort in the proposal form may render the contract null and void.
  • In an event of loss, please notify Policy issuing office immediately.