Cash in Transit Insurance

Handling cash has always been risky. It could be more risky if it is in transit. This applies for cash, bank notes, drafts, postal pay bonds, withdrawal slips, bearer cheques, etc. The risk is not only of losing the money, but also of a threat to the person who is carrying the money especially if the amount is large. In offices, where large transactions are a part of everyday job routine, Cash in Transit Insurance provides the necessary financial security.

To meet the growing needs of today's world Everest Insurance Company has been upgrading its range of products and policies.


ग्राहक शिक्षा

  • Review your insurance coverage and premium payments regularly to feel safer; before disaster/accident occurs.
  • Remember the renewal dates of your Insurance policy so that it can be renewed on time thereby maintaining the continuity of Insurance.
  • Any fraudulent information/ misrepresentation/ non-disclosure of material information of any sort in the proposal form may render the contract null and void.
  • In an event of loss, please notify Policy issuing office immediately.